Code Of Conduct

Structured Strategic Capital holds consistent standards for conducting business activities in a respectable and trustworthy manner. Our integrity and ethical standards have determined our long-standing success in our history and our employees are trained to uphold the highest standards of professional conduct.


Structured Strategic Capital’s activities are held to the highest industry standards and quality reviews via regular audits. Compliance ensures our clients’ interests are our primary consideration.

It is essential that Structured Strategic Capital is compliant with the highest industry standards relevant to business practice. To ensure that all Structured Strategic Capital employees uphold these standards, every staff member is provided with protocols alongside policy and legality training that offers them the required supervision to comply with these regulations and laws. Regular training sessions are provided as part of employment at Structured Strategic Capital to ensure employees can quickly and accurately determine where and when advice should be requested from Structured Strategic Capital’s compliance standards and legal division.

Conflicts of Interest

All employees at Structured Strategic Capital are obligated to conduct business functions in a highly ethical and trustworthy manner, including principled management of apparent or potential conflicts of interest between business and individual relationships.

In the event of potential conflict arising from any Structured Strategic Capital staff by engagement with separate third-party business, prior clearance must be sought from and approved by Structured Strategic Capital’s dedicated ethics committee.

Alongside the conflict source described above, conflicts may arise between Structured Strategic Capital’s interests and interests of our clients. Structured Strategic Capital prides itself as an investment solutions provider offering high-standard consultancy, and is bound by these standards to act discretely in the best interests of its clients. With this framework, Structured Strategic Capital always ensures full and honest disclosure.

Harassment and Discrimination

Structured Strategic Capital ensures that equality of opportunity is applied to all aspects of employment and we enforce a zero-tolerance policy on harassment issues and discrimination of any nature. No subjective basis, such as race, religion, sex, gender-orientation, or disability, will be applied to any existing employee or eligible applicant of Structured Strategic Capital that would break any applicable law.