Hedge Funds

As an alternative investment, hedge funds are pragmatic and flexible in relation to market environments. Using pooled funds through various strategies, such as long and short selling, hedge funds typically are not limited in what investment vehicles they target, making use of a wide range of opportunities such as derivatives, real estate, commodities and stocks. The flexibility of strategy, scope and leverage in the way hedge funds approach investments results in more unique opportunities for the investor.

Unlike traditional portfolios and strategies where returns are based largely on the broader markets gains, the performance of a hedge fund is much more reliant on the skill of the fund manager.

Choosing the right fund and manager is essential to success and the effective development of your portfolio. The fund manager is central to the productivity of your capital, and due to the lesser regulatory restrictions placed on hedge funds than other investment options, it is vital to thoroughly assess their qualifications and track record to ensure your capital will be cultivated.

Structured Strategic Capital not only facilitates access to diverse hedge funds and various market interests in line with your strategy, but we also ensure that fund managers are capable of delivering results and meeting your objectives. With our experience and established assessment process, we offer clients peace of mind through security and transparency, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision regarding which hedge fund is best for you.